Encouraging Daughters to Enjoy Healthy Curves at Curves Gym

Obesity among children including teenagers is becoming a widespread - and dangerous - problem in New Zealand with 10.8% of children in the 1-14 age bracket falling into the overweight and obese category. The dangers of obesity among children, such as increased risks for juvenile diabetes, heart attacks, and strokes as well as anxiety and depression, should push parents to encourage their children toward healthy weight loss.

Of course, the path toward safe, effective and healthy weight loss is challenging, to say the least, for many reasons. Parents, nonetheless, should persevere in this matter as the health, even the life, of their children are at stake! Here are a few tips.

Talk with Your Daughter

Perhaps your teenage daughter is unaware of the dangers of obesity. Perhaps she is struggling with her excess weight as well. Perhaps she engages in emotional eating to counter her personal issues, such as bullying. Perhaps she is just waiting for parental intervention to address her weight issues.

Whatever the reason, you will not know unless and until you have a heart-to-heart talk with your daughter. Keep in mind that, in many instances, the issue of obesity is rooted more in the psychological aspect and less in the physical part of the affected person.

Tip: Offer full support and firm understanding of your daughter's weight loss issues. Tell her of your willingness to help in managing her issue including being a role model. Dispute unrealistic body image by telling her that weight loss is not about being fat or thin - it is about staying healthy.

Do the Diet

Healthy weight loss starts with a healthy diet filled with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, seeds, legumes, nuts, lean meat, fishes, and low-fat dairy products with none of the packaged, processed and preserved foods in the modern diet. And it starts with you, the parent, who buys and prepares the meals and snacks for the family!

Change the meals and snacks to reflect healthy choices. Add variety to the food and beverages. Encourage healthy eating habits by being a healthy eater yourself.

Go Physical

Teenagers generally require 60 minutes of physical activity in a day, which can be divided into chunks throughout the day. Shorter yet repeated bursts of physical activity are more advisable, if not more practical, for teens like your daughter.

Walking, running and participating in sports are just a few examples of physical activities suitable for teens. You can even join in on the fun.

Enroll in a Fitness Course

For better results, you can also enrol your daughter in a Curves fitness class where several benefits can be enjoyed. These benefits include effective coaching from personal trainers, personalised meal plans, and healthy exercise options, such as spinning, aerobics, and weight training. Think of it as getting your daughter to summer camp albeit with healthy weight loss as the goal.